4 Steps to Take for Do It Yourself SEO and SEM

OK you have an idea. You started a business. It’s just you. Now what? The door is open. Where is everybody?Hopefully you thought out your business. Maybe you even formulated a “business plan” that you will almost immediately scuttle. But there are so many things that can drive you business clients and that = sales!The first item on the agenda is building a website. You certainly can’t optimize with out one. Yes, you need one. Yes, everyone you work with will check you out online. And finally, Yes. The site needs to look good. Does the site need to be on the cutting edge of development? Not necessarily, if you are marketing a trucking company, I don’t think you need to worry about Flash intros or animated videos. But if you are marketing a media company your site better look VERY sharp.

The second item is that you should do is let everyone know you have a business. In the online world, that means letting Mr. Google know you are in business. Some polls peg Google’s share of search as high as 75-80%. Google allows you to take ownership of your business listing and manage the details of your business and how Google relays that information to the public. Simply go to Google and search “Google Places” and register your business.The third item is get on social media, all of them. And start engaging your friends, family and current and past customers and share valuable information and specific information about your product or service. Don’t sell! Social is social. Does anyone like the guy that sells his mortgage services during a diner party? Or who crams his business card into your hand almost causing you to spill that brilliant Gin and Tonic the barkeep made? No. The same is true to social. Can you let people know what you do without posting, “Hey call me for a rate quote!” Yes, there are better ways to include what you do in your posts, while still providing valuable insight, and not ‘selling’ at the same time. You are an expert at something so be that with-out selling it.

And finally the fourth item you need to execute. Continue to be an expert and don’t do one thing and not do it again. SEO is about constant change. The more quality useful content that you share and your contact share further is what really improves your ranking in search results. So don’t write one blog post and because your web stats don’t jump off the chart you stop writing. That is a fatal mistake.If you do these four items you are on your way to SEO. In fact, if you’ve done these four steps you have already Optimized!